Flyball is a very exciting dog sport for both competitors and spectators, and to draw the crowds we will bring along two teams who will race against each other.

We have recently attended various dog shows to demonstrate Flyball including ones held at Duchy College and the NAWT and have more booked.

Flyball is a good, healthy and social team sport for both dogs and their handlers, as dogs of all shapes and sizes may participate and their handlers may be young or old. It demonstrates the relationship between people and their dogs, the socialisation of the various breeds of dogs, and encourages a team spirit.

Our club dogs include: Flat Coat X Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Labradoodle, Labrador, Labrador X Collie, Miniature American Sheepdog, Collie X Dalmatians, Patterdale X Jack Russell and several Border Collies.

Demonstrations / Displays / "Have a Go"

A flat, even, rectangular piece of land, 40 ft by 140 ft. that has been recently mown.

An absence of horse manure, cow pats or other livestock droppings.

No rabbit holes, burrows or other such risks to fast moving dog and human limbs.

Can be marked out with small quantities of biodegradable marker paint.