Training Course
Our training policy is to emulate, as close as possible, real tournament conditions.

The training schedule embraces training for dogs, training for handlers and training for competition etiquette; all with the aim of producing well rounded and competitive teams.

Our training ring is lain out to the same dimensions as a sanctioned tournament ring and boasts all the equipment required to run training sessions.

We also ensure that each of our members has an appreciation of the rules of flyball and are able to perform scribe, line and box judge duties.

Special emphasis is placed on the welbeing of our four legged team-mates and an assurance of fun for all.


A six session course to introduce you and your dog to the concepts of Flyball.

At the end of the course, both of you should be ready to become members and join a team.

Full details can be viewed by clicking on the paw at the top of this box.

The course fee is 45